Fast Helicopters

Eurocopter, the fast-chopper-club X3 technology after flying 266 hours in flight tests miles has recently shown connected. The company is calling the helicopter X3 hybrid, because it fitted the traditional with a pair of rotor blades on the wing connects.

Eurocopter Dauphin

Flight was created soon after the Eurocopter some changes X3 gearbox, which can use the full power throughout the flight.

“X3 handles very well, ” said the company, Herve Jammayrac study “showed remarkable stability at high speeds off with the autopilot -.”

Eurocopter has the handling characteristics and stability testing of the X3 and will continue the flight zone during 2011 to expand.


New helicopter model with a plane from his popular Dauphin. Twin-engine helicopter is highly customizable and has a small wing with two additional propellers mounted at the top. Both small propeller driven by two main rotor and turbine engines. The X3 also has no tail rotor.

Both Eurocopter and Sikorsky helicopters quickly invest large design. Sikorsky X2 uses a different driver of coaxial rotor design with a buffer and is the record for helicopter flight with 288-mph flight set in September.

Both companies hope to market fast-flying helicopters to various customers, including search and rescue, border patrol and military.

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