Spesifikasi Pesawat Airbus A300

Designed as a successor to the A300B4, the A300-600 offers a two-person flight deck and increased range over the B4. The A300 family has been further expanded to include the A300-600R, offering extended range courtesy of a fuel tank in the tailplane and higher maximum takeoff weights. Freighter versions of the A300-600 are an additional option.

Pesawat Airbus A300
Pesawat Airbus A300

Pesawat Airbus A300
Pesawat Airbus A300


Terbang Perdana: 9 Desember 1987
Wingspan: 147 ft. 2 in. / 55.10 m
Panjang: 177 ft. 5 in. / 54.08 m
Berat: 54 ft. 3 in. / 16.54 m
Ceiling: 39,000 ft.
Range: 4,050 nm / 7,500 km
MTOW: 378,500 lbs / 171,685 kg
Power plant: Two CF6-80C2 -or- PW 4000
Speed: 0.79 mach
Crew: 2

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