Airlines, FAA Chart New Course With iPads

Alaska Airlines first airline to ditch the traditional flight manuals that the Apple iPad support, the Federal Aviation Administration is revising rules to the increasing popularity of the tablet to explain.

This body, such as airlines, got on with the time to create guidelines for the use and certification of equipment in the cockpit. The latest advice on the use of “Electronic Flight Bag computer equipment” goes to 2003 and published in the last month of the draft deals with the latest advances in consumer electronics. By activating the pilot with the Apple iPad as the main source of information, the FAA recognizes the potential for a new class of fast-growing consumer tablet in avionics instruments.

Alaska Airlines Cockpit - Pilot Course
Alaska Airlines Cockpit – Pilot Course

Alaska Airlines ‘decision’ on the Apple iPad embrace follow similar steps by Executive Jet Management, Corporate Charter, that the traditional chart with a IPAD application replaced this year. The airline has long been seeking an alternative to the £ 25 or more cards and pilot manuals have lug boat each trip. Lighten embrace on the back of the pilot only one purpose for the paperless cockpit.

Alaska Airlines Pilot Course

FAA considers the iPad, as currently used, Class 1 EFB devices that the consumer is, the type of device does not physically mounted to the cockpit means rack. All applications that were to approve them as Type A software, which means they are not as critical phase of aircraft takeoff or landing used. But it will almost certainly change and hopes the airline, they integrate into the cockpit and open them to the class 2 device. FAA certification process is underway, and expect to see in Alaska iPad is approved for use in all phases of flight in the next year. It is finally real-time updates, but more noise test would be needed before connectivity will be allowed.

FAA still get up on the iPad tablet and others and how they will be installed in the cockpit speed. Guidelines on the use and certification of electronic equipment in the cockpit (pdf.) recently revised. FAA to comment on the proposal by 13 July.

Alaska began rating iPad about a year ago and spent last summer and autumn developed on the use and applications to improve the needs of the pilot we. Flight instructor and pilot the company began testing the gadget check in December, and begin their pilot line received in the last month. Over 85 percent of the 1,300 companies now have a iPad pilots.

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